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I have been speaking in public for 10 years as a keynote speaker and trainer/facilitator. Mentoring and coaching those wanting to improve in these areas is a passion for me and energises me more than speaking myself does. Please feel free to contact me at carol.mitchell@xtra.co.nz

I'm passionate about encouraging effective dialogue between people and organisations. I use marketing techniques to engage the community with government.

Carol Mitchell, Distinguished Head of Toastmasters International for NZ (2015/16)

When speaking in public, I find these tips are always useful to maximise your stage time: 

  • It is about the three â€œPs” â€“ practice, preparation and pause.
  • Sincerity goes a long way, speak from the heart.

  • Over choreographing the body language and use of stage during your speech can appear fake and cost you credibility with your audience. It is after all a speaking presentation not a Broadway show.

  • Nerves are good, you just need to learn how to control them. They are like butterflies that need to fly in formation.

  • After your speech most will forget your words however they will not forget how you made them feel.

Janette Wallace Gedge - Senior Communications Advisor - Audit New Zealand

As someone who is responsible for producing events, I find that it makes my life a lot easier when I can rely on my contact at the venue. When they understand what I am trying to achieve and partner with me it really helps take the pressure off.

It also helps when my communication to the venue is clear.  I always make sure I produce a comprehensive run-sheet which I then tailor to each of the providers.  For example, the tech person gets a copy telling them what mics each presenter wants to use together with a printed copy of the Powerpoint master and include photos of the presenters if there's a lot of different presenters.

The more comprehensively you communicate to your providers the less stress you will have.

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