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 Want Quick Quotes from a Venue?
Some venues have room hire rates on their website.  Others tailor the quote to your specific group needs.  By giving them the following information, they will have what they need to get back to you quickly (that doesn't always mean they will!).

1. Tell them what you want the quote for
Are you still in the business case stage and just looking for ballpark figure?  Do you have a specific date, or are you flexible?

2.  Tell them the room set-up and approximate number of people

The set-up and number do matter.  A room that can take 70 in theater-style may only take 40 in workshop.  Also, pillars, poles and the need for presentation space, all effect which type of room suits your group.  A good quote needs to consider all these facets of your event.  So its as much about the style and type of presentation/training or event, as it is the specific number of people. 

3. Do you need catering and/or AV equipment?

Venues vary on whether they have in-house catering or out-source it. Regardless, a group that is having food and beverages has a lot more needs (cutlery, napkins, extra staff time, need to dispose of food waste) than a group that is not having food/beverages.  Depending on the type of health license the venue has, some venues can give you a lower quote if you are doing all the cooking/cleaning yourself.  

Same with AV equipment - depending how complex your needs, the quote may need to include an AV technician, but will definitely need cords and adapters as well as the actual equipment.  This will impact on the quote.

4. Anything else?

Most venues know what their rooms are like - so if you want sunny or dark, quiet or a garden view, then let them know. If they are choosing between similar rooms, and they know which one you will prefer, you will get a better room for your needs.